"Art is both the taking and giving of beauty; the turning out to the light the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is the recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the inter-relations of these."
~Ansel Adams

Monday, December 5, 2011

Follow me on Thumbtack

I signed myself up for Thumbtack a while ago and it is generating leads for freelance work, unlike some other services I have signed up for. Check it and my new page out. http://www.thumbtack.com/flybynightstudio

Designer & Graphic Artist
by Fly By Night Studio

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interviews, radio, and gigs

Alicia Folberth has a television show, Keepers of the Flame,
that airs on Comcast, Channel 10 at 8 pm.Out of the Broom Closet - Newtown Patch Article
When my mural painting job ended, I was at a loss for what to do. My store had already closed a year and a half before that. Since then much has changed. I came to the conclusion that the best way to survive this recession and into the future was to diversify so that I would never rely on one income from any one job again. Although I work part time doing graphic design, it is still sporadic and its not easy being on 'call-in' status. So I have been keeping myself busy with 'gigs'  and working for several psychic networks. I have been podcasting since November and now am about to host my very own (real) radio show for the first time. I have also been putting in guest appearances on radio stations, and may very well have a spot on TV - we'll see. It's not the cable access television show I have been doing. One door seems to open to another. I'm looking forward to this year being a far better one than I have had in a long time.

What I am available for:
  • Graphic design - I freelance - I'm available for just about anything. Logos for a branded image are a specialty.
  • Fine Art - Paintings, illustration, portraits and murals. If you look at my work you will see I can do anything. People, kids, animals, nature, you name it! Commissions are a specialty, as are 'living paintings.'
  • Readings - The Tarot, Runes, and the Pendulum are my tools.I am available for phone and private readings, public events and private parties. I don't tire easily so I can read for hours if need be. My podcast 'SubRosa Magick' airs every Sunday at 7pm on blogtalkradio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/subrosamagick
  • Writing - I am published, and am working on several books of my own now. I will likely be looking for a new magazine to write for soon.
  • As a priestess - I am available for legal handfastings and marriage ceremonies, rites of passage, home clearings, lectures and workshops.
  • Reiki - I am an Essential Reiki Master. I teach and do Reiki healing. As a priestess, I also have clearance to go to CT hospitals during non-visiting hours.
Other things I do:
  • TV: I also produce the cable access television show Keepers of the Flame which airs in the Valley on channel 10 at 8pm on Wednesdays.
  • Temple: My hiatus from the temple is now over - we are 16 years old now. I will be teaching classes privately (in person) and I will be accepting new students. Contact me if you are interested.
  • Store: Eventually I will have my own 'brick and mortar' store again. I haven't given up on that dream either. Until then, I have two Etsy shops:

I am finding that I am still learning how to work with the media - and teach them some new tricks in being respectful. I now know to request that the capitalize our religions names as proper nouns, and to NEVER refer to us as 'self-proclaimed.' Wicca has been federally recognized for many years, and they need to start respecting it.as well as other Pagan faiths just as they do Abrahamic Religions. Fairytale witches aren't a part of who we are. I need to specify that I am NOT INTERESTED in speaking about that which we are not, I would rather speak about who we are. Defeating this overwhelming ignorance in the public eye is hard.

It also seems that the media wants to know more about the history of CT's witches and the Witch Trials. I'm not from CT, but NY, but it looks like it is time for me to do some digging into its history since Connecticut media seems to expect that a modern Wiccan will be an expert on a history that actually has nothing to do with modern Wicca. It seems to be hard for them to accept that they once hung good Christians who were accused of Witchcraft in the early days of Colonial America.

Here is the recent list of interviews.

WILI 1400 AM interview with Wayne Norman, October 31, 2011.
HPs. Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth, the High Priestess and President of the Panthean Temple, formerly known as the Pagan Community Church, discusses Wicca, witches and witchcraft.
(He also spoke with me about my art)

WCCC 106.9 FM with Raven in the morning, October 27, 2011.
Archived show on MP3. If you missed it live you can still listen. Interview and readings live on the air.
Alicia Folberth Psychic Pt 1
Alicia Folberth Psychic Pt 2
Raven's Interview Page on WCCC
(where these links are found)

Out of the Broom Closet: Witches Talk About The Craft, Newtown Patch, October 30, 2011.
From the first witch hanging in the country to a plethora of wicca shops in Western Connecticut, Connecticut's witches are here to stay.

"Conversations from the Porch" hosted by Third Eye Radio,10/2/2011
Interview begins 40 minutes into the broadcast.

Interview and readings on the show Metaphysically Speaking, 8/12/11

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Latest Sagewoman Illustrations

These are for issue #81, for a piece on weaving the web as Goddess women. As a networker myself, I loved it, and loved illustrating for it.

Drawing Down the Web
Available on Etsy

I do like spiders (really), so the web as a backdrop was perfect for me, and I am the priestess in the picture. I needed a piece of copyright free art and an old picture a friend had taken of me fit the bill.

Weaving the World
Available on Etsy

This piece was a bit more complicated and I had to create it in an educated way. Illustrations tell stories about the writings they are attached to.

Much of my work as of late has become milestones for me, as I seem to be creating compositions almost effortlessly now. My years of graphic design are serving me well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the news and on the air again

I may also be going on a radio show as a guest - when I know the details I will post them. I was on WPLR for the Chaz and AJ show about a year and a half ago, and I am looking forward to another opportunity to use my skills on the radio. For those of you who have been following the show every Sunday, you know I am getting ready to host my own show and am looking to find a station.

You can listen to my podcast here:

Connecticut Postings

Downtown Bridgeport movie theater moving toward debut…

BRIDGEPORT — The Rev. Alicia Folberth, “priestess president” of the Panthean Temple in Derby, shuffled her tarot cards Tuesday evening and read into the fate of a new movie theater/comedy club/music venue set to open in Bijoux Square.
The blonde-haired clairvoyant, who discovered her supernatural abilities when a vision struck her as a 3 year old, knocking her to the ground — an occurrence she’d have to learn to deal with in her younger years –  said the facility at 275 Fairfield Ave. “may start a little bit slow, but I think it’s going to change the area — totally.”
UPDATE: The motion before the ZBA — for the theater to have a bar, within 1,500 feet of other liquor establishments — passed with conditions. More info coming on what the conditions are…

Full story here: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Movie-theater-in-downtown-Bridgeport-nearing-debut-1424409.php

Movie theater in downtown Bridgeport nearing debut

Tim Loh, Staff Writer
Updated 12:02 a.m., Wednesday, June 15, 2011
BRIDGEPORT -- Coming soon to a downtown near you -- a movie theater, comedy club and concert venue all wrapped into one.
On Tuesday evening, Phil Kuchma, the developer behind the Bijou Square apartments and commercial space on Fairfield Avenue, requested from the Zoning Board of Appeals a variance to allow the soon-to-open facility at 275 Fairfield Ave. to operate a bar during shows.
"This will be a great attraction for more people to come downtown," he said. "People will come downtown when there's a reason to come."
The theater will reopen the 101-year-old facility, which is the country's oldest "movie house," built strictly for showing films, Kuchma said.
The ZBA had not voted on the variance request as of late Tuesday evening.
Christine Brown, one of three partners behind the project, said Tuesday the theater should hold up to 202 people with a mix of cinema seating and cabaret-style chairs and tables.
It will show mostly independent movies, but also classics, she said. The partners are hoping to offer stand-up comedy, music and other performing arts as well.
"And of course," Brown said, "we hope to have many special events in the property, whether it's organizations' fundraisers or things like that."
The full-service bar, she said, would operate during all the shows and movies.
A Bridgeport native, Brown has worked as an attorney in the city for 17 years. She wouldn't reveal much about her two partners, except that they aren't city residents. "And we're all movie buffs," she said.
The trio plans to make a formal announcement about the theater's opening date sometime next week. As of Tuesday night, a yellow poster still hung in the theater's window, saying, "Opening Summer 2011."
On hearing details about the theater, local residents and frequenters of the Bijou Square's handful of businesses Tuesday night sounded bullish.
"It's going to be exciting, whatever it is," said Ryan, a 27-year-old who was out walking his dog. He moved into the block in December, he said, but still finds it quieter than he had expected. "Whatever it is, it'll be better than what we have now," said Ryan, who did not wish to give his last name.
Cynthia Gaspar, who opened Moda Studio, a unisex hair salon on the block in May, said that customers have been asking her at least twice a day about the theater. "Just an hour ago," said Gaspar, a former Shelton resident who moved into the block in December, "a guy getting a haircut asked when it's opening."
Next door, at Two Boots Pizza, the Rev. Alicia Folberth, "priestess president" of the Panthean Temple in Derby, was shuffling her tarot cards by the door.
Folberth was 3 years old when her first vision "knocked her on the floor," she said; she has been setting up shop in Two Boots on Tuesdays and Fridays since February. Asked if she would lend her soothsaying skills to read the theater's fate, she agreed without asking for the customary $20.
Carefully, she flipped over a dozen cards, studied them a moment, and then said, "It's looking very good."
The bottom card said "death," which actually signifies rebirth, she noted.
The ace of swords, which landed center right, she called a harbinger of "triumph."
The final card, the ace of wands, bespeaks "power, momentum and manifestation," she said.
"It may start a little bit slow," Folberth concluded. "But I think it's going to change this area -- totally."
Reach Tim Loh at tloh@ctpost.com or 203-330-6377. Follow at twitter.com/timloh

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Magick Brush and Living Paintings

When I was 4, my mother began joining a few book clubs for me and just kept the introductory books, canceling after the first shipment. One of them came a second time anyway, and I wouldn’t let her return the book – I was only supposed to look at it before she returned it. I tried in my own way to write my name in it, which made returning it impossible. It was a book that forever colored my passion for art, my views on life, and of magic.

I had already, in my own way, had started illustrating books by drawing on the blank pages in printed books – usually at the beginning or end of the book, and at the end of chapters. Several of my mother’s cookbooks became permanently decorated. I believe it was after this book that I decided I wished to become an artist.

The book is Ma Lien and the Magic Brush by Hisako Kimishima. I believe this is a retelling of an old Chinese folk tale.

Ma Lien is a poor Chinese peasant boy, who longs to become a painter – a true artist. He drew with whatever he could on whatever he could; charcoal on the walls of his hut, scratching stone against stone, or with his finger in sand. He has an amazing gift because his drawings are so good they appear to be real – even the sheep were afraid to go near the stone where he drawn the wolf. But he is a poor peasant boy – he has nothing. He begged an artist for just one paintbrush but was chased off.

An old man came to him – a wizard – and gave him a fine brush. He immediately ran home and painted a beautiful rooster on his wall, and as he painted the last tail feather it flew off the wall. It wasn’t just a paintbrush, it was magic, and everything he painted became real and was brought to life.

He used this power for good, helping his community and doing good deeds, but it wasn’t long before he ran afoul of the local mandarin who was a greedy man. He arrested Ma Lien and took away his brush only to find out that it would not work in anyone’s hand but Ma Lien’s. So he demanded the boy make him rich, and Ma lien painted him a mountain of gold, and then began painting water around it, explaining he was not yet done with the painting. He then painted a fine ship for the mandarin and his men to sail to the mountain of gold, and when they were all on it he painted a storm, and sank the ship.

He spent the rest of his life helping others and was never forced to use the brush, or it’s power, for evil ever again.


I immediately understood. It also became the book that inspired me to read.

The magic was never in the brush, it was in Ma Lien. He used his power for good, to help people. It was never meant to be used in a bad way, although it became necessary. The true power of the brush was in the heart of its user.

It also teaches humility and the importance of using one's gifts to help others. Ma Lien stayed true to himself, and his own integrity, and did not allow greed to deter him from his path.

The illustrations are lovely, and stylized – I used to look at it again and again, studying the pictures. It spoke to my soul, and I believed that if I tried as hard as I could to create art that was realistic, it too might become alive – just like in the story.

These things have stayed with me all these years. I began by creating realistic art, and as I grew older, I began infusing myself into the art, sometimes also infusing something more. A number of people commented that they could see things in my art that was expressive to the point of almost making it seem as if it was alive. It wasn’t by accident. It was deliberate.

I stopped painting and drawing about twenty years ago. Something happened to me that caused a blockage so that I could not create art without it becoming mentally painful – and so I pretty much stopped. The art didn’t flow. Creating graphics on the computer didn’t have the same effect, and so that became my career. It wasn’t until I began drumming – playing the djembe – that I was able to start drawing and painting again, although working through these blockages has been a real struggle. Working through pain on a subconscious level isn’t easy and there was no way around it. Recently I was able to show my dear friend and drum teacher Baba David Coleman the murals I had created. I wanted him to know that the only reason I could create once again was because of him. If I didn’t have such a kind, loving, and patient drum teacher, I likely would have given up on that too. And then he told me that most people don’t learn the drum to learn it as a musical instrument – what they are actually looking for is healing.

Painting these murals, my latest work, has been on heck of a struggle as I had to push myself beyond what I thought I could do. The first one of the unnamed Goddess with Fruit came to life as I painted Her – it glowed. That old fire within me had returned, my Muse had returned, and so she became my first ‘living painting’ that I had created in over twenty years.

Artemis was my next painting, and She, allow with Apollo I originally attempted to create quickly to meet a short deadline. It didn’t work. They weren’t my best work, and my friend said she wanted ‘the Gods’ in the paintings and she didn’t care if it took longer, but I had to redo them. Ever redo a painting? Let me tell you that is painful – to paint over what you have already created. Each painting was about six months worth of work, and it shows. I struggled with each one, but as I was painting Artemis, I asked this Goddess to please show me how She would like to be painted. She did, and became part of the painting. That was a surprise. As a priestess I have invoked deity in my rituals, and They have come down for me, but I did not expect They would come down for my paintings. Once called, They insisted.

Apollo was particularly demanding, and I felt repeatedly as if He had taken over my hand, and although the painting was late, He would not let me cut corners. Everything had to be just so. He knew what He wanted me to paint, and so I painted. The painting and its components are far better than the reference photos I used, which as most artists know, that isn’t supposed to happen. And the wolf in the painting, that’s me, my alter ego.

I have just completed my fourth painting – Le Morte d’Amore. It too took on a life of its own. Things seem to be happening to people just by viewing it on the computer screen, but as with my other paintings, it is viewing them in person that has the strongest effect.

I may be between jobs right now, and I’m barely alive financially, but like Ma Lien I seem to have found my gift. I can create spiritually ‘alive’ paintings that are bridges between the worlds. I don’t know of any other artist who can do this, although I expect their will be imitators as I have announced that I can. They don’t have my Muse, and I doubt they have the same kind of connection I do. It’s how I do my readings, it’s how I communicate with living things, and it’s how I work my magick. Some of are just born between the worlds to begin with.

But I also know that this gift cannot be faked.

So if you are looking for devotional artwork for your altar, sacred space, or temple, I will be happy to create a commission for you. Artwork for magickal purposes is another possibility.

Or I can just create lovely portraits, fine art, murals, and graphic design. I need work.

It seems this is what I am supposed to be doing. It is supposed to be my new career.

As I was leaving the Norwich Medieval 12th Night event, one fellow complimented me on my artwork. He said, “That is some gift you have there." He looked straight into my eyes, "Don’t stop.”

I’ll take that as my message from the universe.

I'm in the papers again - Twelfth Night feast in Norwich

I made the paper yesterday. I was vending and reading at the 25th anniversary Norwich Twelfth Night Medieval Feast at the United Congregational Church. It was a nice little event, and the food was excellent. The little ones wanted readings as well - who was I to say no? My latest painting is in the photo too.

TheDay.com logo

Twelfth Night feast in Norwich

Published 01/09/2011 12:00 AM

Dana Jensen/The Day
The Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth, right, of Derby gives Nicole Kingsley, left, and China Williams, center, both 10 years old and of Norwich, tarot and runes readings.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Le Morte d' Amore

FOR SALE: Original, Le Morte d'Amore $500
Acrylic on art board 18" x 24"

"Beginning with audacity is a very great part of the art of painting.”
~ Winston Churchill

My first painting of 2011 and first in a series of black and white works. If this doesn't sell on the internet it is going to a gallery. Unpublished, but will be available as prints on Art America shortly.

My roommate and friend Hilliary inspired me with her black and white paintings. A photo of a graveyard sculpture inspired this. I have had much to mourn over the last several years, and so this became a painting. Perhaps this can say all the things I could never express in my writing about the deep pain of intimate betrayal of trust and love. This is one of my very few pieces that speaks about a personal story - my friends know. Beauty can still be born out of sorrow, so it's also an expression that I have triumphed over it, although I will never be able to move completely through or past it.

It's also a personal milestone for me as I continue to refine my ability to work with acrylics, in terms of texture. My training and love is in oils, but need has required me to use acrylics - I work twice as hard in them.

It seems I have mastered the art of making my paintings come to life, which no doubt will become stronger as I continue to paint after my twenty year hiatus (if you can call it that). If you see it in person, then you will truly understand. Photos on the internet don't do my paintings justice.

If you would like a commission created of your favorite deity or for magickal reasons, be aware I create 'living' paintings. I can call spirit into the painting as a bridge between the words. I don't know of any other artist who can do this, but I can. And that is something that can't be faked - you know it when you experience it.

All images at this site are copyrighted and specific property of Alicia L. Folberth. Removal or reproduction in any form is infringement of the copyright law. © 2010

Monday, January 3, 2011

Illustrations for Sagewoman Magazine

Here is some of my latest work - interior illustrations. The compositions came out rather nicely. The story they go with is of a woman remembering her mother and growing up in the Midwest.

My friend Karen posed for me,
and the pictures on the mirror are of her mother and father.
Original artwork NFS
Click on the art to see it larger.

Woman gardening.
Original artwork available $85
Click on the art to see it larger.

Western Meadowlark
Original artwork available $65
Click on the art to see it larger.

All images at this site are copyrighted and specific property of Alicia L. Folberth. Removal or reproduction in any form is infringement of the copyright law. © 2010
All images at this site are copyrighted and specific property of Alicia L. Folberth. Removal or reproduction in any form is infringement of the copyright law. © 2010